WHAT Conference 2024 Call for Papers

"Frontiers in 历史" World 历史 Association of Texas Call for Proposals with QR code

If interested in submitting a proposal to the World 历史 Association of Texas' Annual Conference, 四月六日举行, 2024, please scan the QR code above or click on 这个链接 了解更多!

圣乔治大学历史系. 爱德华的 embraces the people and places of the past and examines the complex interplay of culture, 思想与日常生活.

通过对人的学习, 事件, 还有过去的想法, students will gain an understanding of issues that face society today—in the United States and globally. 通过了解过去, students will learn how to better understand people whose lives, 文化, and beliefs are different from their own. These skills and understanding will help students to be successful in a wide range of careers. These are not only the attributes of the accomplished historian, but are characteristics that are widely valued by employers and graduate schools. 查看 2022-23历史学位计划.


Students in the 历史 department are challenged to pursue research projects throughout their degree program. Students are required to produce research papers in particular subjects and will have multiple opportunities to produce work worthy of presentation.

As students progress through their coursework, they are trained in historical methods where they learn how historians think, 认为, 研究和写作. They learn how to design a research project, 提出一个关键的调查问题, locate primary and secondary sources, 批判性地阅读, reach an evidence-based interpretation, 展示他们的作品. They also discover how historians draw on other disciplines such as statistics, 心理学, 社会学, 经济学, 人类学与政治学.

Austin has a large number of archives and other sources of historical materials for students to use. This provides firsthand experience with archival materials. 

Students may present at conferences such as the World 历史 Association of Texas, Phi Alpha Theta (history honor society) and St. 爱德华的 Symposium on 本科 Research and Creative Expression. Current students have the opportunity to apply for the McNair Fellowship. Our graduates have also been awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship.

教师 & 工作人员

搜索校园目录 to find 历史系 faculty and staff.


Students within the 历史系 are encouraged to participate in an internship to gain experience in the field.

Internship sites at which 历史 students have worked include:
  • 鲍勃·布洛克州立历史博物馆
  • 德州州立公墓
  • 德克萨斯州立图书馆 & 档案委员会
  • Texas State Historical Commission, Archeology Lab



The Hilltop Historians facilitate fellowship among students with an interest in any aspect of history. 通过双月活动, the club promotes historical awareness and preservation through academic meetings and movie nights.

Phi Alpha Theta (PAT)

Phi Alpha Theta is a professional society that promotes the study of history through the encouragement of research, 良好的教学, 出版, and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. The organization brings together students, teachers and writers of history for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research and 出版 by their members.